Dual Chamber Mix Bottles

☑Brand-new Concept: allow consumers to activate the FRESH on their own
☑2 Separated Compartments: Fresh-keeping compartment for active ingredients + Extract Compartment for active extract

Cosmstic Jars

Manufacturer Profile

What makes us different from other suppliers?

☑ FREE Samples: stock samples ready in 1-3days
☑ FREE Prototyping(Exclusive!!!): No other suppliers provide FREE prototyping service at early stage, but we CAN!!!
☑ Delivery: 30-45days
☑ Quality: over 18 inspections, from parts to finished products, including size, appearance, color, function, etc
☑ Other FREE Service:
①Blank cartons
②Custom shipping labels/marks
③Palletize shipment
④Provide FTA-CO

Optional Decoration

For custom packaging, one of the most important parts in achieving your desired look is in the way your packaging is finished.

We offer 5 main decoration options for you to choose from.

  • In-mold color
  • Silk screen printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Plating(metallization)
  • Spray painting (like frosting, pearl coating, color spraying, UV coating, etc) 

How We Produce

How We Pack

1. How We Pack:
* Caps: inserted in EPE protected holder
* Pumps: wrapped by double-layers PS tray or separately packed with PE bag
* Bottles: wrapped by double-layers PS tray or separately packed with PE bag

2. Standard export cartons: 5-layer-corrugated cartons.

3. All packing methods pass transit testing. 100% WELL protected and SAFE during air and sea shipping.

4. Support palletize shipment.

5. Support custom shipping mark and labels on cartons.




  • Airless bottles
  • Cosmetic droppers
  • Cosmetic jars
  • PET bottles
  • PET toner bottles
  • Duo-mixed dispeners


  • Private molds

Our MOQ varies from different products.

Airless bottles: 5k

Cosmetic droppers: 10k

Cosmetic jars: 5k

PET bottles: 10k

PET toner bottles: 10k

Our lead time: 3usually 0-45days 

Yes, the in-mold color, decoration and printing of exterior components can be customized.

– In-mold color: the color of the plastic components, solid color or transparent color. Our standard in-mold color: clear, white and black.

– Decoration: there are 2 type of common-used coating in this industry, one is vacuum plating (also called metallization), the other is spray painting(like frosting, color spray painting, etc)

– Printing: silk screen and hot stamping are the common-used printing techniques.

If you have any questions about decoration, please contact us.

We strongly recommend that you test your product with container options with your labs prior to any volume purchase. We can assist you with what is typically used for various products, but product testing is solely your responsibility.

By the way, while we were develop packaging, our R&D team thought about the compatibility with cosmetic products. Most of our packaging is made of chemical resistant material, like PCTG, PP, PET, TPE, etc. They can be compatiable with the more and more agreesive formula.

If you are new to the cosmetic business, choose our bottles made of PCTG or PET. That will help you save time and low the risk.

  • Sunscreen: PCTG(DON’T use AS material, it will 100% leak)
  • Lotion/Serum/Toner: generally, AS, PCTG, PET and PP are ok.
  • Foundation: PCTG, PET and PP would be better. Some foundation can be compatiable with AS material while some are not. 

Material of our packaging:

  • Airless Bottles (SVD/FVD/TVD): PCTG
  • Airless Bottles(SVD33): AS
  • Droppers: heavly-wall PET
  • Jars(jar-a, jar-e): inner-PP, outer-PS
  • Jars(jar-p): heavy-wall PET
  • PET bottles: PET


Yes, all our products are BPA free.

Sure, please feel free to contact us for samples

Generally, we usually send you our samples in stock for your first round of check.

Samples quantity:

  • For preliminary evaluation use: usually 1-3pcs.
  • For test use: usually 5-20pcs 

Samples fee: generally FREE of charge

For larger sample requests, there is a reasonable fee.

Express fee: we also ask that clients cover the shipping with their own FedEx or UPS account or via credit card.

Yes, we have a product catalog. As we lead the way towards becoming a sustainable company, we have downloadable catalogs. If you need a printed catalog, please let us know.

  1. Inquiry
  2. Communication 
  3. Samples(1-3pcs) for your preliminary reference 
  4. Quality confirmation 
  5. Samples(5-20pcs) sent for your test 
  6. Prototyping based on your artwork(PPS)
  7. Prototypes sent for your confirmation 
  8. Mass production
  9. Shipment
    • Unit size check
    • Unit weight check
    • Assembly and normal function test
    • Spray painting fastness test
    • Standing check
    • Vacuum test
    • Solvent resistance
    • Fatigue test
    • OFC check
    • Effective capacity
    • Dosage of pump
    • Retention force between bottom and outer bottle
    • Retention force between bottom and outer bottle
    • Space between outer bottle and pump
    • Product drop test
    • Product drop test
    • Carton drop test

    For our standards and tolerance, please contact us for details. We would send you our technical specification sheets. 

Absolutely, we can make a private mold to suit virtually any customer’s needs.

We are still working on substainable material for components. It may still take time before we launch those packaging. You can contact us for details if you are interested in them.




All shipments are thoroughly inspected prior to leaving our factory.

Absolutely not. We will keep all your information confidential.

Artwork should be submitted in either .eps, .ai or .pdf format at 300dpi with all text outlined. All Pantone colors must be specified on the artwork and all blacks should be 100% black, not 4-color black.


We can arrange the shipping for you whether its UPS for small orders or ground trucking for pallet orders. You can also make arrangements via your own carrier and just send us the bill of lading. We will provide you the pallet specs.

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